Ptosis surgery

The skin of the upper eyelid may hang down causing a tired and unfriendly facial expression especially in patients at an age of 50 or more.

Corrective surgery may well be worth the while since both the eyes and the mouth are among the most important parts of a person’s face in terms of communication. After applying short and simple local anesthesia, excess skin and any minor fatty tissue is removed in a carefully measured process by making a small elliptical cut, and sewn using a fine stitch. This suture will normally be removed after 4 or 5 days, and the patient may resume his or her professional activity. Experience shows that the skin of the upper eyelids heals well, and the satisfaction of our patients is high after this surgery.

We are able to help you make your entire look and facial expression appear open, alert and friendly again.

Please feel free to call your Hautcentrum Wiesbaden (Wiesbaden Skin Center), and ask for detailed consulting free of charge at any time.